Raymond C.

Raymond C.


Retweet rank: 385,962 - approx 93.79 percentile

Location: IL, WI, MN, and IA
Web: http://t.co/e0mCF6vLIS
Bio: More Left than you can handle. Dogs could save the World. #OverturnCitizensUnited #UniteBlue #ConnectTheLeft #technocracy #ows -- rc http://t.co/MKoJLdWe1O

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  1.       RT @mspray1: Sarah Palin Gives The People What They Want: The Sarah Palin Channel: Move aside, Oprah. Former ... http://t.co/4LJkcHulyf #huffpost #p2

  2.       RT @mspray1: Michelle Obama Tells Democrats To Be 'Hungry' For Midterm Victories: First Lady Michelle Obama i... http://t.co/UjmrwOhajI #huffpost #p2

  3.       RT @mspray1: UN official busts David Gregory for using Israeli propaganda video: ‘That’s really unfair’: NBC host... http://t.co/vbyZTlxmj0 #rawstory

  4.       RT @mspray1: Martin O'Malley Laying Groundwork In Iowa: DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Martin O'Malley's latest fora... http://t.co/YcpfxjcT1Y #huffpost #p2

  5.       RT @mspray1: How I Became Interested In The Death Penalty And Why I'm Against It: Since I wrote my last piece... http://t.co/W1Ap0gzcll #huffpost #p2

  6.       RT @mspray1: ... how to install #WorldPeace sooner ? ... let's work #TOGETHER as @PeaceHelpers and #DonateTweets via http://t.co/7UgW7frH02 ... TY

  7.       RT @mspray1: Jihadists swarm Syria army base, post photos of beheaded soldiers: Islamic State fighters have seize... http://t.co/iA71qocWVn #rawstory

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