Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone


Retweet rank: 109,808 - approx 98.32 percentile

Location: Albany, NY
Bio: VP of Strategy at @Overit, a digital agency Redefining Creative through motion graphics, development, design, SEO/PPC, PR, content & social.

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  1.       RT @LisaBarone: Fighting for most awesome: Michael's hair, Chris' cuteness, my shoelace bow.

  2.       RT @LisaBarone: This is pretty awesome -- How To Build A Human (animated infographic)

  3.       RT @LisaBarone: Dear @vicchristopher and @heatherlavineny, i love you, love Lisa #enjoytroy

  4.       RT @LisaBarone: Ready for 2015? --> New Year, New Content Strategy

  5.       RT @LisaBarone: Low-grade sexism in the workplace. [GREAT read from @alloveralbany @emilylemieux22]

  6.       RT @LisaBarone: Dead woman left a will demanding her dog be killed and buried with her.

  7.       RT @LisaBarone: With all the #nycasino #Casino518 news, a good time to mention @KnowTheOdds for problem gambling info & resources

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