Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber


Retweet rank: 122 - approx 100.0 percentile

Web: http://t.co/j6HGkdyRpP
Bio: Let's make the world better. Get @shots and spread the love and positivity. ♛

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Recent retweets @justinbieber

  1.       RT @justinbieber: Love to the #Beliebers

  2.       RT @justinbieber: Love to the #Beliebers

  3.       RT @justinbieber: Love to the #Beliebers

  4.       RT @justinbieber: Love to the #Beliebers

  5.       RT @justinbieber: Got some big news coming........

  6.       RT @justinbieber: @scooterbraun foolish. But I sang that song to @itsRyanButler haha

  7.       RT @justinbieber: @scooterbraun foolish. But I sang that song to @itsRyanButler haha

  8.       RT @justinbieber: Love to the #Beliebers

  9.       RT @justinbieber: http://t.co/TGmayE3aJF

  10.       RT @justinbieber: @scooterbraun foolish. But I sang that song to @itsRyanButler haha

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