Retweet Rank: 714,834 - approx 91.46 percentile

Bio: #Durham, politics, general cerebral discharge; enthusiastic scalawag; personal account, professional things at @BrianTHawkins1

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RT @bullcitybrian: If you don’t particularly care about basketball it’s a GREAT day to get things done around Durham and Chapel Hill
RT @bullcitybrian: My first response is that I’m super impressed it works on white people
RT @bullcitybrian: Just watched @MikeJudge’s Office Space at @CarolinaDurham @retrofilmseries and it is still a fucking masterpiece
RT @bullcitybrian: This is literally the only person I ever want to see remarking on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq
RT @bullcitybrian: @heckhammer I really liked Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio de Maria (technically older than 10 years but it’s relatively new in English)
RT @bullcitybrian: “We’re not lying murderers, we’re just lethally incompetent.”
RT @bullcitybrian: @TheRickWilson The indictments are sealed so they don’t even know they have been arrested

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