Retweet Rank: 295,277 - approx 96.52 percentile


Bio: Romance author/consultant. Former SOD/SOW staffer. Also @suleikhasnyder. I live-tweet TV.

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RT @badnecklace: Father's Day promotions are the worst. Can't wait for Monday so every email, every promoted tweet, will stop reopen…
RT @badnecklace: Love the little touch of Haley saying "I love you" in Chinese and telling JJ it means "thank you." I guess she and…
RT @badnecklace: Y'all couldn't let Fancy Face sit on Ted's face before he took a fireplace poker to the head? SMH. #Days
RT @badnecklace: Xander is so proud of himself for giving Maggie Dr. Rolf's diary. lol. What a great tactical move. Also, I apprecia…
RT @badnecklace: @scandalwomen I WISH Monica had the kind of material #Days vets get. Monica should be allowed to go after Sonny abo…
RT @badnecklace: Hope to get some writing done today. Need to swing by the library, too, as some of my holds came in. We're actually…
RT @badnecklace: @tommiecas Thank you for the early morning image of her and Nick dying together in a building collapse. Clear Springs 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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