Retweet Rank: 814,883 - approx 90.32 percentile

Bio: Rawr Matari! HighSec Scrub, LowSec Pirate in Training. Token #TweetFleet tagalong. RL Bi-Polar diagnosis, gamer gal, crafter, writer. Slytherin 🏳️‍🌈

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RT @adfoozsixx: @manicvelocity @CCPGames @EveOnline I would pay real money to remove the warp tunnel effect. I'd be happier with a…
RT @adfoozsixx: Neverwinter- Another instanced dungeon, another trip under the terrain. Blech.
RT @adfoozsixx: @Double_T_Says The marriage or bust teachings have lead to guys with 4-6 divorces to their name since sex outside o…

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