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Bio: This page is designed to share and showcase New York's up-and-coming authors, poets, and artists!

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RT @NY_Writers: From "The Ugliest Poem I Can Give You," by Mariah Ghant, as featured in America’s Best Emerging Poets:…
RT @NY_Writers: "If science held no sway and he arose here from a glacial grave, what primitive thoughts would grow as he observed…
RT @NY_Writers: "It breathes a sigh of relief, letting itself drop into the abyss. Passengers make conversation with all the rest,…
RT @NY_Writers: "I thought you would be long gone by now, the wildness whipped out of you But as I pull into the beach I left from,…
RT @NY_Writers: "The clouds would weep over their profound love from time to time Bringing jubilance to the creatures their adorati…
RT @NY_Writers: "But there were always those who bled out too much. Cosmic seizure beneath the glassed light, Biting the wooden flo…
RT @NY_Writers: "the sky is still the same charred vellum the yellow hole the bird made in my throat is still there I am the same I…

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