Retweet Rank: 557,709 - approx 93.44 percentile

Bio: Back in this bitch like I never left..

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RT @KENN0tBeStopped: @tdreamer___ Clearly he wasn’t walking it off if he had to go to the locker room to get fluids n sht. It’s just a s…
RT @KENN0tBeStopped: 2-3 high level role players if you can’t get Kawhi or Kyrie. Nobody else is worth the max to be the 3rd option.
RT @KENN0tBeStopped: Trainers literally gotta come help players off the field that have cramps. That’s what they were doing to Bron in t…
RT @KENN0tBeStopped: @Jamario44 @GGBooliano @akaOcho__ @NoJuiceGawwd Griffin a great GM for this “fleece”, but somehow it was Bron calli…
RT @KENN0tBeStopped: Twitter tells you who never played sports before because you literally can’t put weight on a cramp. Lol
RT @KENN0tBeStopped: @Jamario44 @GGBooliano @akaOcho__ @NoJuiceGawwd Griffin a great GM for this “fleece”, but somehow it was Bron calli…

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