Retweet Rank: 814,883 - approx 90.41 percentile

Bio: Native of Sunderland, citizen of Morley. #wisemensay. Retweets not necessarily an endorsement.

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RT @JGillan10: @andreajenkyns @DominicRaab If you believe that then you’ll believe anything. Here’s a statement about the British…
RT @JGillan10: @NHSMillion It’s Farage and Banks who’ll do more damage to the NHS given the chance.
RT @JGillan10: @andreajenkyns Surely the penny’s dropped that the Conservatives have had it. You created the mess, had no idea how…
RT @JGillan10: @andreajenkyns @DominicRaab Ugh. He thinks we’re all idlers who won’t work, disparaged the NHS, dismissed food bank…
RT @JGillan10: @andreajenkyns I always knew being on live tv would be your undoing. Thoroughly enjoying the comments on here. Now…

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