Retweet Rank: 814,883 - approx 90.41 percentile

Bio: White, non-disabled, middle-aged, heterosexual, English, Christianish misanthropic male. If I had any faith in human nature, I'd be an anarchist; but I haven't.

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RT @Gunderthswain: @DCBMEP @Ironlady1961 So we should have enormous detention camps funded by the taxpayer? No thanks. Deport.
RT @Gunderthswain: I'd sack this bloke simply for his appalling punctuation, let alone the unhinged content.
RT @Gunderthswain: @thisislaurat Never in the field of human bus conductors was so much owed by so many to so few.
RT @Gunderthswain: Here's Emma, with her latest bid for the role of head cheerleader on the march toward white genocide.

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