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Bio: WDW Moms Panelist. Visit me at http://t.co/HnGiKb5sFR and Writer/Editor at http://t.co/2xjx2bW7uW! Tweets are my own opinion and do not represent Disney Corp.!

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  1.       RT @DisneyWorldMom: Going to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival? http://t.co/zQ7kLYaoqv The DFB Team (including yours truly) recently launched this helpful guide!

  2.       RT @DisneyWorldMom: My son starts his first year of High School on Friday. And it'll be his second year marching with @IHSEagleBand!

  3.       RT @DisneyWorldMom: Happy birthday, Michael!!! To celebrate, we're going to the Omni hotel in downtown Nashville for a one night getaway.

  4.       RT @DisneyWorldMom: Happy 14th birthday to our son, Nic! Enjoying the day at the Kennedy Space Center. http://t.co/BV1dve0WOf

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