Retweet Rank: 761,147 - approx 90.96 percentile

Bio: Montana to here

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RT @DanJystad: #BraveMovement - Funneling $ to one place while denying basics in others? Whole other discussion and has many roo…
RT @DanJystad: #BraveMovement A5: to create/ignite/build a better tomorrow (See my ghost writer @OnStageKimberly )
RT @DanJystad: "I reserve the right to be smarter today than I was yesterday." #BraveMovement @JaniceKobelsky LOVE THIS! Going in my classroom.
RT @DanJystad: A4: Leadership - REQUIRES an understanding of what it means to follow. - Creates opportunities for growth. - List…
RT @DanJystad: #BraveMovement A6: Internal scale vs External Scale. Recognizing the internal difference between wanting to get…
RT @DanJystad: @OnStageKimberly @tom_dietzler #BraveMovement DING DING DING that is what I meant by external. The hard thing…

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