Excel Hospital

Excel Hospital


Retweet rank: 582,060 - approx 90.86 percentile

Location: Tijuana, Baja California MX
Web: http://t.co/yZRLNdwpN0
Bio: CERTIFIED Multi-specialty acute Cardiac/Vascular Hospital in Baja CA Mexico

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  1.       RT @CMEMextweets: Heart Surgery at it's finest and affordable. Excel hospital #CABG #Mexico Certified hospital & CA lic Heart Surgeon http://t.co/vuXhyVNT3k

  2.       RT @CMEMextweets: San Diego & Imperial County's #employers have a quality #healthplan being offered @MediExcelhealth the new generation of #crossborder care

  3.       RT @CMEMextweets: @netoaviles @MediExcelHealth great pic today @ Excel hospital. Fun Ceiling art!!

  4.       RT @CMEMextweets: My Mexican Health Care Experience #Mexico #healthcare http://t.co/UXlpjCKEXf via @inliving

  5.       RT @CMEMextweets: @alepalagano @livelovethinkex Happy #Friday

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