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Bio: Author of a blank book summarizing Mueller's findings of Trump-Russia Collusion | My next blank book will detail arguments in favor of the 17th Amendment

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RT @Brought_UpRight: Esau gave up his reward for earthly sustenance. NOT earthly GAIN. Mere sustenance. A warning and a lesson of many o…
RT @Brought_UpRight: I wish my wallet was putting on the same pounds as my body.
RT @Brought_UpRight: They used to tel me “You’re a growing boy, you need to eat.” This is no longer true - vertically speaking. Now th…
RT @Brought_UpRight: A fascinating verse in a fascinating chapter.
RT @Brought_UpRight: Hey .@amazon - Stop sending me bubble wrap that is unpoppable!!
RT @Brought_UpRight: The Left champions individualism, art and equality. Funny - because art and individualism inherently result in inequality.
RT @Brought_UpRight: I don’t measure my days in minutes or hours. Instead - cups of coffee ☕️☕️

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