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Tweet Analytics & Insights

See top tweets and influential retweets. Track your daily reach, retweets, followers, rank history & more.

Brand Monitoring

Discover what your customers and prospects are saying about your brand. Track topics, hashtags and daily keyword analytics.

Competitive Insights

Analyze your twitter competitors by simply providing their twitter username or appropriate topics/keywords. You can view all in-depth stats and insights about your competitor’s community.

Influence & Sentiment Analysis

Connect with the most influential users tweeting about your brand. Analyze the sentiment of conversation about your brand, products and competitors.

Run contests on twitter

Retweet Rank is the easiest way to figure out winner among thousands of users tweeting a hashtag or retweeting you.

Export Reports

Achieve maximum flexibility by exporting all your tweets, retweets, stats and more to a .csv file. Manipulate data in your favorite spreadsheet program.

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